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What people say about us


  • There are less people now, who stick to their words, Maj Arshad is one out of them.

  • Dear Major Arshad,
    I came to know you from a common source and the comment I heard from him was that, "I know Major Arshad, the only one good thing about him is dead honesty". Since that day we have done a lot of business together and I am always very satisfied to deal with you.
    May Allah reward you for your honesty and keep you and your loved ones blessed to the core.


  • Dear Pakland Properties,
    We appreciate commendable efforts of Pakland Properties Group in securing fair and transparent deals in a very short time and building higher standards of confidence in general public and investors alike. We hope that the group shall maintain the outlook and optimum service standards in the market for all times as a benchmark for others to follow for  good of Pakistan. Well done Pakland team.

  • I know Maj Arshad (R) CEO Pak Land property, since last about 35 years, i found him very upright, helpful and humble person. He was always transparent in his dealing, guided, rendered necessary help to my friends who were referred to him. They have very high opinion about him.

  • AOA. Dear Major sb. We have done 3,4 deals by your good office . We are satisfied. Hope you and team more improve. God Bless

  • Dear Sir,

    I am lucky, why! Let me tell you sir, in 2016 I was at off ice in Baker street London, during lunch break i found a ladies wallet on the road carrying two credit cards, a debit card, a train ticket and cash £ 300 something and a visitor's card of a gym in Wyoming Canada. How to find the lady was a tall order.
    Cutting it short I was helped by a friend in toronto, whom called wyoming police ,who inreturn got the ladies address and informed them about the loss and my mobile no. In all 3 hours later, the lady walked in to my office and got her belongings.
    I have never met you. Had couple of transactions on the phone. I remember when you offered to deposit an amount nearly 200,000, online for me. What a trust and service. That's how I feel lucky. Peoples trust. Thanks sir.
    Doing business with you, one cannot deny your diligent custom and after sales service. Wish! someday we meet also.
    May Allah also bring you luck, happiness and prosperity in future also. Ameen.

  • Respected Sir,

    Indeed you are always helpful and guiding me appropriately while selling/buying property, and ur valuable advise/inputs mean a lot to me. I have always blindly trusted your advise in property related issues.
    Thanx for this

  • Assalam o alikum sir.

    Pakland property is the symbol of pride in real state.
    Sleep tight PAF is awake, i say invest in real estate through pakland property and sleep tight.
    Your response to any query even beyond real state and feed back on market trends are very good.

  • Dear Maj Arshad Sb.

    I have been regularly receiving your proposals towards property matter which looks very different than the coventional informations by individuals in this trade . God bless you.

  • I have been dealing with Major Arshad now for a good number of years. Infact my first transaction I did with him was over the phone. His guidance from the first day till now has been second to none.
    As a result I would say that we are now more friends then business aquaintances. He is an amazing human being and I would highly recommend his services to anyone considering investments in Pakistan. Specially overseas investors. I would like to take this opportunity in thanking team Pakland Properties Lahore.

  • Sir excellent experience of working with ur team may ALLAH bless u all

  • Dear Sir

    Though i have no experience of any sale or purchase trough your company, yet i listen and read very clear and to the point advices of yours. Your predictions are mostly correct. This has increased faith in you. God bless you and further flourish your buisness. Good luck

  • (1) Guide lines and services are excellent. In depth analysis are given when asked.
    (2) Transparency and clarity are given to both seller and purchaser, what I experienced.
    (3) Safety and security of document are ensured.
    (4) Services are always available pre and post of deals.
    (5) Highly satisfactory services by Pakland Management.

    (1) At time call is not returned or acknowledgment msg is not received.
    (2) Some input/ update of DHAs other then Mtn may also shared in the updates

  • I am very impressed while dealing with Pakland. Approach have been always very professional and supportive. I am so very thankful of the team. God bless u and ur whole team.

  • Dear Sir,

    I have completed a purchase through Mr. Arshad in DHA MULTAN while I was out of country. I can say with full confidence that he has proved a totally trustable person and has gained my trust as a clean, honest and guiding person in property matters. Therefore, I feel no hesitation in recommending him for property deals for overseas pakistanis ans wish him all the success in his future endeavours.

  • AoA Dear Arshad, Although I haven't experienced any property transaction as of today, but whenever I asked/ inquired about any update of a particular property , the response was very quick n to the point. This reflects your efficient way of running your business n won the confidence of the clients.
    God Bless you n your business.

  • Dear Arshad Bhaee 🌹🌹
    You are very organized.tranparent and updated.Keep it up.
    We trust you for your dedicated service to your clients.

    Just one advice .. reduce smoking 😉😉
    Best wishes and Regards

  • My experience of having business with Pakland Pakland Properties is excellent. Consultancy regarding investment is rendered with the premise that it is not necessary to do business with Pakland until the customer is satisfied by cross checking through market. Transparency is the hallmark of Pakland Properties. Updated record of each customer is kept in the unique way. Sitting at home investment advisory is provided to each customer. Every customer is offered to have direct meeting with seller/ purchaser. My satisfaction level with the Pakland Properties is extremely high.

  • I have interacted with Pakland Properties and found them responsive and cooperative. They are client friendly and trustworthy. I wish them Godspeed in their business endeavors.

  • I have been interacting with different propert dealers in connection with my personal needs and for offecial assignments. To be very honest, I have not seen such a down to earth and dedicated person in my life. He has a record and detail of each plot for which his ground check is amazing. His command over the subject and his knowlede about his field is commendable.

  • "Over a period of time, I have been interacting with so many people and firms related to the Real Estate business. But unfortunately, most of the time I remained susceptical and was disappointed with the attitude and response of the people associated with this field. However, when I came in contact with Pakland Properties & Maj Arshad and got involved in business with them my opinion about this particular field got completely transformed. I really felt that there are honourable people who believe in honesty, integrity, sincerity and fair play. I always found Maj Arshad to be extremely forthright and candid in his opinion and assessment. He always looked after my interests in all dealings. Therefore, I always feel comfortable with Pakland Properties and confident that I am dealing with honourable people. No doubt, Maj Arshad has a deep insight into the Real Estate field & related aspects and I blindly trust him in all dealings. May Almighty Allah Bless Pakland Properties and Maj Arshad with health, prosperity and a peaceful and happy life ahead.
    My profound regards.

  • Dear Major sb. Your team is providing excellent and transparent deals especially for oversees community. Much appreciated.

  • Excellent service all round from 1st enquiry through to completion.
    The advise is good, the communications prompt and relevant.
    I would definitely recommend Pakland Properties and in particular, Maj (Retd) Muhammad Arshad who is always polite, courteous and understood our needs.

  • Sir alhamdolillah I m much satisfied with services and info provided by pakland. May Allah bless you.

  • 1. Pakland management has always provided their best consultancy based on their vast knowledge of real estate trends with market needs.
    2. Transparency in all business deals & activities.
    3. Safe and secure documentation with confidentiality.
    4. Excellent Pre & Post transfer services.
    5. Alhamdulillah very much satisfied by their up-to-date guidance with accurate market information at the very right time.

  • Although I have never bought or sold any plot from pakland properties , But my experience of Maj Arshad services is great . His response to any query is so prompt and feedback on market trends are very realistic . You can not go wrong in deciding weather to buy or sell.
    Great job Major Shahab

    CEO Shaheen Insurance Co Ltd., Project of Shaheen Foundation (PAF)

  • I was introduced by my friend to Major Arshad of Ms Pakland Properties and was impressed by his ideas and prompt services though I am in Karachi. Allahmdullah I made 3 deals with him which went very softly regards

  • Pakland Properties has always been my first choice whenever there is a real estate requirement at Lahore or DHA MuItan. Pakland Properties has always responded very promptly and with very good solutions. Their handling of deals alongwith documentation is quick, professional and very transparent. Overall, it has always been a very satisfactory and rewarding experience dealing with Pakland Properties.

  • Major Arshad (Head of Pakland properties)is a very nice and honest person.i had a wonderful experience in dealing with his office for both purchase/sale of my plot.He fully honoured his commitment of transparent deal both at the time of sale/purchase.i had no issues right from token to transfer.Based on my personal experience,I shall strongly recommend him and I wish him more success in his life!

  • Gulraiz Ahmad Bajwa very grateful for providing useful information and guidance on real estate matters and keeping transparency

  • Excellent mashallah, i hv full confidence on Pak Land Properties, great

  • I always found Pakland a great and reliable source of information with transparent guidelines
    2. Transparency in the business deals is Excellent
    3. Safe and secure documentation is Perfect
    4. Pre and post property transfer services by Pakland staff is Absolutely classical and perfect leaving no stone stone unturned.
    My satisfaction level is Top class and encouraging me to go for next deal

  • I met you once in my life regarding the sale of plot ,other transactions (sale and purchase)were done on phone calls
    I always found you an honest business man.
    InshaAllah would contact you very soon as soon as the breakout of deadly virus is over.
    Let us keep praying from Allah (SWT ) to keep every one safe.
    Kind regards.

  • Dear Sir
    I am highly satisfied with your fair deals and updates.

  • I found Pakland Management very honest with good reputation. They providing services with very professional manners. I always get honest and professional advises from Major sb whenever required. I personally recommend all friends to deal with them and get honest opinions regarding real estate in Pakistan.i believe Pakland Management is the best plateform for buying and selling your properties either they are commercial or residential. Best of luck.

  • Very professional and reliable organisation where one can have complete trust and confidence in dealing.
    The consultancy and advices remained fruitful and to the satisfaction of client.

  • Completely satisfied from your service

  • Have heard a very positive and caring 'Word of mouth' about dealings above board by Pakland. Sincere and timely updates about property are always forthcoming. Hoping to have positive interaction, soon. Stay blessed!

  • The interaction wd Pak Land Property n especially wd u sir was really a great source of satisfaction n strengthening d belief that their still exist sincere truthful, efficient people in this field. May Allah Karim keep u n ur team steadfast in ur cause. Ameen

  • Assalamualaikum sir
    1. Absolutely correct steering to right direction
    2. 💯% with no doubts
    3. 💯%
    4. Excellent 👍
    5. 💯%

  • I am Major Kamran Nabi Malik. I'm a customer of Pak Land Properties from last 5 years. I have a great experience with this firm. I can blindly trust them at any point with regard to sale and purchase of my property. Even I do get advice on all other properties I hold in the Country. Parkland properties will remain my 1st choice when we talk about property matters. Simply love them

  • Asslamoalaikum
    Dear sir
    It is khalid Mahmood, ex-senior Officer State of Pakistan,Lahore. Though I have not yet made any sale or purchase through Pakland Properties , yet It is immense pleasure for me to disclose and tell the people that Pakland properties also provide free services whatever round the clock even those who are not their stakeholders. Their quality to guide stakeholders, cliens and even general public on all critical matters apart from their business is also very much appreciateable. Many prayers for Maj Arshad and Pakland Properties , once again thanks and regards

  • It's always pleasure listening from your platform & literally assist me in making decisions more pro-actively, based on your valuable feedback.
    I appreciate your hard work & sincere & convincing advice all the time as compared to the rest of the brokers in the market.


  • Pakland Properties enjoys a good reputation in the real estate market, has a good level of credibility. Clients can trust without being apprehensive.

  • Maj Arshad, you are doing a lot with all fairness in your approaches,with wisdom.

  • I have no doubt about your professional ethics & Honesty.A TRUSTWORTHY person

  • Its been a real satisfying experience and far beyond everything else , pakland has extended very personalised caring services. Wish u all the best

  • Sir, you are doing a great job. Best wishes and regards

  • Maj Arshad, CEO Pakland Properties is known to me for the last 40 years. As a staight forward person, he enjoys good reputation. I have the honour to make a few sale/purchase activities of my DHA Lahore and Multan plots through his office. I am glad to say that he follows the business ethics strictly with utmost honesty. His sale/purchase deals are 100% transparent for which he takes full responsibility. This is the reason that his business is flourishing and number of clients increasing day by day. I wish him the best of luck in all walks of life.

  • I have always found Pakland Properties in extending excellent services. Kind of consultancy, transparent deals along with safe & secure documentation are few bright icons, carried by the company.. management is always forthcoming in rendering sincere advises / services in the better interest of clients...

  • Extremely sincere, highly responsible, comendibely responsive, resourceful, cooperative and thoroughly professional are few words which I would like to say about Maj Arshad. I feel lucky to have interacted with him.